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Baru Farm produces organic grain-fed pork and chicken, as well as eggs from organic grain-fed chickens. Baru Farm is also a licensed cut and wrap facility for wild and domestic meat, including its own pork and poultry products. Baru Farm offers services to the public including cooler space and has processed a variety of game meats over its years in existence, including moose, elk, and deer as well as domestic meats such as beef, lamb and goat. Baru Farm also produces greenhouse cucumbers which are available for sale to the public in the summer season.

Meet Ruth Wheadon & Barry Windecker

Meet Ruth Wheadon & Barry Windecker

Ruth Wheadon is an avid hunter who values the idea of self-sustenance and knowing where her family's food comes from. Ruth has been bringing home game meats for years, and her husband Barry Windecker does the butchering. With so much experience in meat cutting, the progression from hobby to business was simply natural. Barry, a freight truck driver by trade, liked the idea of eventually transitioning into full-time entrepreneurship, so the couple pursued licensing for meat-cutting and wrapping, as well as Class D Slaughter Licences for the farm. Today they produce and process their own organic grain-fed pork and chicken, as well as eggs from organic grain-fed chickens. They also offer meat-cutting and wrapping service for both on and off-island hunters as well as other farmers.

One of the perks of small town living is word-of-mouth advertising. "We haven't had to do much advertising," Ruth says. Instead, they've been able to generate much of their business through personal referrals. But Ruth also realizes that this means they have to work hard to meet their customers' needs and make sure they are satisfied with the farm's services. It's a mandate which the couple takes very seriously and they enjoy being a part of other people's efforts to produce food and eat responsibly.

Haida Gwaii is the ideal place to live for Ruth and Barry, perfectly suited to their love for unspoiled nature and, of course, for their passion for hunting. In keeping with their desire to be self-sustaining, they also enjoy fishing and gardening and preserving the food they harvest, catch, raise, hunt, and gather.

4621 Oceanview Dr
Queen Charlotte, BC V0T 1S1

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