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Spindrift Lodge is ideally situated on the shores of beautiful Babine Lake, the longest natural lake in British Columbia. This resort features several rental cabins as well as RV sites. Their clean and tidy cabins are self-contained and have up-close views of the lake. Spindrift Lodge is surrounded by woods and offers a peaceful getaway from the everyday, allowing guests can truly relax while enjoying the quiet atmosphere and scenic wilderness location. Guests can choose a one week all-inclusive fishing package or make the Lodge the location of their next wedding or family reunion. The on-site owners will enable a memorable and peaceful stay, catering to local as well as international clients.

For more details go to spindrift.bc.ca.

Spindrift Lodge is a member of Tourism British Columbia.

Meet John & Lynda Currie

Meet John & Lynda Currie

John and Lynda live in Fort St. James for part of the year and happily return every Spring to Spindrift Lodge on Babine Lake. They bought the lodge in 1999 and have loved owning and operating an accommodation business. "We had a cabin on Babine for years," said Lynda, "we've been on the lake longer that we've had the lodge." They both love Babine Lake for the real sense of stillness and quiet that comes with the remote location. "We've loved the peace and the beauty of the lake," Lynda said. They both came from large cities, John from Vancouver and Lynda from Toronto, where lakes would become crowded in the summer and not at all relaxing. They immediately connected to Babine Lake when they moved north together and started their life in Smithers. "Babine is as quiet as you could hope for," said Lynda.

They enjoy the camaraderie of the lakeside cabin dwellers and admit that many of their returning guests of Spindrift Lodge have become great friends. John and Lynda are the on-site staff at Spindrift and they bring in help when they need it. They have a busy season that runs from the beginning of June to the end of August. They enjoy operating their business because they feel they can make a positive impact on the people in Granisle and the other small businesses in Granisle by providing a great place for visitors and tourists to stay.

Topley Landing, BC V0J 1W0


Open seasonally from June to the end of August.

Advanced bookings recommended.