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Pins ‘n Needles owner and designer Anne Herd is a wizard with needles of all types. Her products include items like hand-made place mats, potholders, baby sweaters and blankets, stuffed animals (sock monkeys are a customer favourite), novelty hats, slippers and other crafts. Anne draws on her many years of experience knitting, crocheting and sewing to create one-of-a-kind and exclusive-design items. Pins ‘n Needles original hand-crafted items are available for sale at the Crafter’s Hut from June through September and at various local craft fairs and bazaars throughout the year.

Meet Anne Herd

Meet Anne Herd

Anne Herd laughingly describes her crafting business as "a hobby that got out of hand." Anne has always enjoyed doing a variety of crafts, including crocheting, knitting and sewing, but didn't have a lot of time for it when her kids were young. Now that they're grown up, she has more time to devote to her crafting habit. Never one to just sit around empty-handed, Anne always has knitting needles or a crochet hook in her hand when she's relaxing or watching TV. Pretty soon she had so many stuffed animals, baby blankets, knitted hats and potholders sitting around her house, she couldn't use them all or give them away fast enough. That's when she knew she'd better start selling some of her items.

These days, locals and visitors alike can find many of Anne's creations at the Crafter's Hut, located in the Granisle Visitor's Centre. Anne knits, crochets and sews all kinds of items from toys to household and baby items. Some of her best-sellers include her lovable sock monkeys and her funky knitted hats. "I try to keep up with what's trendy," Anne says, and that's how she decides what to make. And if she can't find exactly what she wants in a pattern, she simply designs it herself.

Anne loves the fact that there is a strong crafting community within Granisle. Having lived here for over 40 years, Anne is deeply rooted in the community and figures she knows absolutely every single person who lives here. And, she adds, if someone new moves to town, she quickly makes a point of introducing herself.

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