Lauries Wellness Studio

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Laurie’s Wellness Studio promotes health, wellness, positivity and self-care for their clients through a wide variety of products that will help raise your vibration, awaken your senses and build your intuition! 

In the shop you will find a beautiful range of products including candles, essential oils, diffusers, bath salts, hydrosols (floral waters), jewelry, oracle and tarot decks, books, lotion, sage, wind chimes and much, much more! 

Visit Laurie’s Wellness Studio to awaken your inner self, find grounding, purpose and engage with life on a higher plain. Let owner Laurie, guide you through products with her deep knowledge of all she offers. You can engage on social media with Laurie’s Wellness Studio and see their daily Tarot Card pull, for grounding in your own life!

Meet Laurie Mason

Meet Laurie Mason

Owner Laurie Mason, listened to her intuition before opening her shop and found that creating a space for others to come, shop and create positivity in their lives fulfilled her heart's truest desires!
Laurie is passionate about her home based business and small businesses in Fraser Lake in general, she says, “by working together and supporting each other’s hopes and dreams, we are becoming a stronger, more vibrant community every day.”


Open by appointment only. Enquire within.