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Zen Yahweh Fitness (ZYF) is a locally founded and run business that provides high-quality personal training, fitness instruction, health and safety education services and more. Their personal trainers are registered BCRPA nationally accredited Fitness Leaders with unique training for clients that are medically referred. Their knowledgeable staff works effectively with clients that require active recovery sports rehabilitative care. “We train all clients and all students safely with knowledge, experience, and ingenuity,” said ZYF owner Tanya.

Zen Yahweh Fitness leases space from Gators Gym on an ongoing basis to ensure their clients have full access to well maintained indoor fitness and training equipment.

ZYF instructors demonstrate ongoing professional development and are dedicated to feeling and being healthy, vital and empowered. It is ZYF’s mission is to provide clients with the most comprehensive and complete planning and training services so that whether you are an athlete preparing for competition, or just want to look like one, you can have the conditioning of an athlete that is energizing, effective, and efficient. “All athletes that train with ZYF have the highest level of customized training design and sport specific care,” said Tanya. They started in 2008 and have a proven track record with clients going on to win championships, recover from pre-existing injuries and make tremendous strides in improved health.

ZYF has a wide variety of services available including personal training, advanced weight training, active recovery rehabilitation, sports conditioning, sports nutrition, group fitness, bootcamps, body image coaching, yoga instruction (to be added at a future date to be determined), customized programs as well as nationwide on location availability by special arrangement.

ZYF is a member of the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association, the National Fitness Leadership Alliance and the Fort St. John Chamber of Commerce.
First time customers registering for training that mention that they found us on the LOVE Fort St. John website will receive 10% off their first purchase!

Meet Tanya Zentner

Meet Tanya Zentner

Tanya likes raising her family in Fort St. John and enjoys the real sense of community and diverse unity. Fort St. John is a lovely community and with popular events such as the Moose FM block party, the Canada Day Parade and festivities, the Movies in the Park and the winter ice carving festival to name just a few. Tanya loves the Evangel Fort St. John functions and says they are always a fun time with family and friends. The local skate park and bike park are fantastic free community assets that Tanya says local kids and families really appreciate. Tanya believes that Fort St. John has a bright future and growing economy with business and industry diversification growing every year. "Fort St. John is whatever you make it," said Tanya, "if you think positive and surround yourself with positive and empowering people, then that is the reality of life here."

Tanya is an example of positive entrepreneurship proving anything is possible. She started her own fitness and coaching business in 2008 and loves making her community members and the wider world a healthier, happier, and better place one appointment and one class at a time. Tanya also finds time to hone skills with ongoing professional development education. "It is very rewarding knowing that my career has improved the quality of life and balance for clients, healed old pains for trainees as well as prevented injuries and stress for so many people and that it has been worth it for them," Tanya said.


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