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Via Ink is the creative design studio of local talent Megan Brooks. Megan is a graphic designer who has been going above and beyond for clients since 2007 when she graduated from the IDEA Program at Capilano University.

Megan started Via Ink Design and Illustration in 2012 and produces a wide variety of custom content. Clients of Via Ink Design and Illustration will feel valued and understood as Megan walks them through the creation of their unique graphic design needs. Megan’s passionate about her job and it shows in the wide variety of top notch and beautiful product she has created.

Megan is committed to creating thoughtful one-of-a-kind solutions to all of your design needs, and to making Fort St. John an even more beautiful place, one design project at a time.

Meet Megan Brooks

Meet Megan Brooks

Most of Megan's family lives in Fort St. John and her relatives have been entrepreneurs and land owners since Fort St. John began. "My great-grandfather opened the very first general store in Fort St. John originally located in his log cabin," said Megan, "when his business expanded he decided to open up shop where Whole Wheat & Honey is today and essentially changed the location of the entire city." Megan feels very connected to her community and loves to think of her family's history when she's out and about around town.

Fort St. John has a wealth of local artists and Megan feels this is a big part of what makes the community so great. "We've got local ceramic artists, painters and musicians living here that are truly talented and I love that our small community supports them," said Megan. She appreciates the variety of local and specialized art venues in the community.

Megan returned to her hometown after living in Vancouver. Back at home and closer to her family, Megan feels a sense of peace and gratitude. She saw lots of opportunities to contribute her talent and training in graphic design and opened Via Ink Design and Illustration in 2012. "My favourite thing about being an entrepreneur is working with other entrepreneurs," said Megan, "small business owners and job-passionate people are my favourite and I love working one on one with them."

Megan feels rewarded by her successful projects and loves contributing to the beautification of the city. "Driving by a business that has a logo I designed on the window or one of my signage designs hanging makes me so proud," said Megan.

She is optimistic that Fort St. John will continue to successfully adapt and Megan feels very confident that Via Ink Design and Illustration will help move small local businesses forward.

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