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Attention small business owners! If you need to your business online but have no idea where to start, are sick of wading through the DIY website forums, or getting a half-baked build from your mother’s cousin’s brother’s son who said he could help you out… look no further than Site Network! This web team will help you be visible and build credibility with your clients.

Consultation is free. Site Network is exclusive to small business, offering Premium WordPress website hosting, setup, and on-going maintenance and support. For a nominal fee you’ll get an amazing website and tool suite for marketing, security, and more, which makes a world of difference in promoting your business. Pick the service package that suits your need.

Get your business off the ground with Site Network today. And for the best deal, ask about their current promotional offers.


Meet Kimberly Huynh

Meet Kimberly Huynh

Kim always has ideas for how to make the world better. As soon as Kim spots an inefficiency, she wants to fix it right away- and that’s largely what business is about, solving problems. She believes that drive to find solutions is what drew her to website building in the first place. That and the opportunity for optimisation that websites often provide.

She built her first website in 2014 while volunteering with a non-profit; it ended up being a huge project that taught her many lessons. By the time she stumbled across her first “real” client she had been wading through the DIY articles and not getting what she expected from “free” tools long enough to realize the advice and tools you can give from experience are really worth something.

Working with a developer hourly can feel like writing a blank cheque which most fresh business owners simply can’t do at the outset, and Kim realized that truly small businesses are under-served here. So, she jigged up a way to offer premium tools and results at a price point doable for an individual, to help other small business owners get through the struggle and achieve their own success.

Kim has received a very positive response in Fort St John from fellow aspiring entrepreneurs, and has felt how growing a business in a small town allows for greater networking opportunities. It has been easy to make connections of all kinds, including new friendships! She loves how close everything in Fort St. John is; never wasting unnecessary time waiting in traffic. That leaves more time for the things that truly matter in life.

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