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People vary in how they naturally prefer to solve problems. For instance, while one person needs a lot of research to make decisions comfortably, someone else makes quick decisions based on key facts and initial reactions. When jobs require a certain problem solving style, but the job holder has quite a different style, job stress and, not infrequently, poor performance results.

As a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant, Naomi offers the products below and provides interpretations to help you improve your hiring and business productivity.

• Kolbe A™ Index – Individual assessment of problem solving style.
• Kolbe B™ Index – Job holder’s assessment of the optimal problem solving approach for his/her job.

• Kolbe C™ Index – Manager’s assessment of the optimal problem solving approach for a job.

Inconsistencies between an individual’s Kolbe A and Kolbe B Indexes can cause strain. If people’s perceptions of their jobs do not match their strengths, they may lack confidence to do a job or may feel that the job should be done differently.

Inconsistencies between Kolbe A and Kolbe C Indexes can result in tension. When a manager requires different strengths than the employee possesses, the employee will likely not be seen as successful in his/her position.

All these stresses result in poor productivity.

• Kolbe RightFit™ – This software creates an ideal profile for the job based on the instinctive strengths required for success in the position. Using Kolbe RightFit™ in the selection process takes a lot of the mystery out of hiring and results in less employee turnover.
• Leadership Analytics™ Solutions – a revolutionary way of identifying and solving team performance issues. This assessment zeroes in on specific obstacles to team success and offers practical, prescriptive advice to help leaders leverage the diversity of strengths in their team.

Kolbe Indexes help individuals to understand their strengths and the strengths of others. For employers, Kolbe benefits include high productivity, low turnover, harmonious corporate cultures and engaged workforces.

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Meet Naomi Donat

Meet Naomi Donat

Naomi Donat has a Bachelor of Science in Forestry and worked as a Registered Professional Forester for 20 years. A few years ago, she switched gears after personally experiencing the value of Kolbe Indexes. She pursued her dream of becoming a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant and has provided advice and made a real difference in the lives of individuals dedicated to personal development and excellence.

Naomi's services extend to companies looking to ensure high productivity through fully engaged staff and highly efficient teams.

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