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Since 2009, Earth Friendly Solutions has helped clients in Northern BC and Alberta get the most benefit from their energy requirements. Earth Friendly Solutions specializes in the management and coordination of projects. They are able to ensure that the research and consultation for your projects are complete and customized. It is a priority for Earth Friendly Solutions that you are assisted in meeting your long-term plans and reaching your sustainability goals.

With years of experience with energy audits and energy assessments, Earth Friendly Solutions can help you learn more about your power usage and match you to the best available products and services that will reduce your energy costs. They can assist clients of all sizes, from residential homes to larger businesses, providing recommendations for a back-up stable power source. Earth Friendly Solutions are experienced with solar power and solar thermal design. “Our primary goal is to provide customers with services and products using renewable energy and conservation practices and to enhance lifestyle and environmental awareness,” said owner Ernest.

Meet Ernie Freeman

Meet Ernie Freeman

Ernie grew up in Fort St. John and appreciates his reliable network of connections that he has with friends, family and businesses in the area. He loves the variety of people and the varied geography in Fort St. John. "We have everything from a prairie agricultural component to mountain ranges," said Ernie, "it's a good area to live in." With so many beautiful sites nearby, Ernie cannot choose a single favourite but recommends Pink Mountain and Beatton Provincial Park and Campground in Fort St. John.

Ernie operates Earth Friendly Solutions, an alternative and renewable energy consulting business. Ernie is proud of his reputation to "go out on site and explain to people what energy alternatives can do to enhance their business or their home." Ernie is always willing to discuss and help with designs that best suit a home or business. He's happy to use his local Fort St. John connections to get a project off the ground and appreciates working with other local businesses such as Haab Homes and Eagle Vision. Through his business, Ernie is assisting in local and regional sustainability in both the energy and transportation sectors.

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