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Bonnie Bridges Yoga philosophy is derived from Svadhyaya, which promotes a journey of the self with introspection and self-examination. In tandem with a vigorous Vinyasa style practice, one can realize their truest form of self. Vinyasa is faster-paced yoga, inspiring overall physical, spiritual and mental wellness, with benefits in many other facets of life. Bonnie also offers Vinyasa, Hot Vinyasa, Yin and Yoga Nidra and any combination of these! Yin is a quiet, meditative practice characterized by long holds, providing deep tissue stretching.

Bonnie is a talented, registered yoga teacher offering group, corporate and private yoga lessons for those wishing to deepen their practice privately. As a B.C. Government professionally certified school teacher, Bonnie is also well equipped to offer kids and teen yoga.

Partake in a myriad of classes that accommodate for any busy schedule. Experience new sequences and surprising techniques leading into poses, allowing for a space full of fun and creativity. Ask Bonnie about her knowledge of chakras and healing energies, she’s a wealth of information.

As you step into the airy studio, prepare to be dazzled by the beautiful display of hand-crafted jewellery. Bonnie creates enchanting Mala bead necklaces, bracelets and earrings, made from semi-precious gemstones used for meditation. Feel the calming energy radiating from within.

Bonnie Bridges Yoga will inspire your soul and elevate your body and mind. Bonnie is a comforting yogi instructor, simultaneously exuding confidence and relaxing energy. Give Bonnie at the studio a call for class times.

Meet Bonnie Bridges

Meet Bonnie Bridges

A Chinese proverb highlights Bonnie's personal philosophy. "If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people."

Bonnie is a passionate, lifelong learner, always in a constant state of discovery. "The human potential is exponential," says Bonnie, “as imperfect as we are as people, there is hope.”

The mother of two rambunctious boys loves her role as a teacher in all things yoga. Her background began in fitness and aerobics, a time when she held the common misconception that yoga was a gentle activity not capable of meeting her energetic needs. Upon her early start into a yoga lifestyle, Bonnie quickly reneged on her misguided opinion. She had never been in better shape in her life!

Aside from her mastered skill as a yogi, Bonnie is a crafter, writer and artist. She specializes her talents in hand-making Mala necklaces, bracelets and other yoga inspired accessories. When given the opportunity, she enjoys a contemplative moment to herself. Bonnie is also a creative force in conjuring up enlightening journal blogs.

2010 was the year that brought Bonnie and her family to Fort St. John. Bonnie was content to leave a large metropolis behind her, never looking back. With unprecedented opportunities abound, the northern community held its ground for the Bridges, inspiring growth and career development. The future in Fort St. John looks bright and the people even brighter.

Bonnie started her yoga teaching practice, Bonnie Bridges Yoga, in 2016 and began teaching group fitness in 2006. She remarks, “I enjoy building relationships with others, understanding that it takes time to build those connections and absolutely cognizant of the interconnection between us all.”

Fort St. John, BC


Please call Bonnie at the studio for more information or for class times.