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Blooming Smiles welcomes you in to experience a dental hygiene clinic like no other. Their spa-like ambiance will provide the best atmosphere for even the most nervous of clients.
The friendly folks at Blooming Smiles Dental Hygiene provide essential and preventative oral health care all while keeping you calm and informed.

Living in the North means being adaptable, approachable and genuine and Blooming Smiles Dental Hygiene is proud to serve their northern communities. Their clients can feel relaxed and relieved knowing that they have found an oral health care professional who truly cares. They are committed to providing the best dental hygiene care to the residents of Fort St. John and surrounding area.

Please call or email the team at Blooming Smiles Dental Hygiene today to discuss your dental hygiene needs or to arrange your appointment.

Meet Michelle Worton

Meet Michelle Worton

There is nothing like moving into a community and instantly being so warmly welcomed that you feel comfortable creating your own space. Michelle Worton is excited for what the future holds for her in Fort St. John and she is grateful to have planted roots somewhere so amazing.

Being a registered dental hygienist in Fort St. John for over 11 years has allowed her to develop special connections and relationships with her patients. It’s through these relationships that she has been able to build trust with others who may have an adverse reaction to the thought of dental care. Her vision is to provide an alternative practice setting where community members have a choice in how, who and where they'd like to receive treatment. “We are able to bridge the gap for those who have had negative experiences and rebuild their trust,” she says. “To witness this and to see our Blooming Smiles vision come to fruition is so rewarding.”

Michelle is able to administer care and compassion to each of her patients. Her driving force behind starting Blooming Smiles Dental Hygiene with her husband was to engage and connect with people needing dental care. “I have been drawn to helping others,” says Michelle. “Improving health and being a positive presence to those around me. I love connecting with my patients, I want to provide access to care while I show kindness, love and support. I want to educate, encourage and inspire.”

Originally from Northern Ontario, Michelle admits that she has always been fond of a smaller community and is proud to have settled herself into the North Peace area. She’s grateful for the supportive, evolving and refreshing community that she finds here. “I find great delight in life, enjoying northern living and all it has to offer,” she admits. “I love spending time with my husband Blake and our two young children, Joshua and Paige. I love hiking, kayaking, camping, snowshoeing, gardening - pretty much anything and everything in nature. I enjoy playing soccer, yoga and living an active lifestyle. Our children love the community forest walking trails, it's a little gem tucked in our town that we are all thankful for.”

Being an entrepreneur has pushed Michelle to go way beyond her comfort levels. The challenges, the successes, the failures, all of these pillars have peeled layers off and uncovered potential and opportunities that she never would have imagined were possible.
She is aware that in smaller communities, business owners must have certain characteristics in order to connect to their clients. “You must be adaptable, personal, approachable and genuine," says Michelle. “These qualities build bridges that encourage and developing relationships."

Michelle believes her community is evolving and she is grateful for the abundance of support small businesses receive here. She notes that there has been a definite increase in other small businesses in Fort St. John and says she tries to do her part by shopping locally. A few of her favorite shops include Sand and Stone Jewellery, Whole Wheat and Honey and Dunvegan Gardens.

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