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101 St Pre-Owned Furniture and Collectibles has a wide array of furniture and collectibles inhouse. Their treasures range from one of a kind antique furniture to rare collectibles. There is always something hidden in the store for everyone and anyone.

Looking for just the right item? 101 St Pre-Owned Furniture and Collectibles features antique furniture, a special collection of vases, unique glassware, fun electronics and household antiquities. Many more pre-owned items can be found by exploring the aisles of this unique little shop.

Meet Joan Parsons

Meet Joan Parsons

Joan loves living in Fort St. John because there is always a chance she will bump into someone she knows and she appreciates how happenstance encounters strengthen community relationships. She enjoys the people in her community and appreciates the beauty of the surrounding environment.

Joan owns and operates 101 St Pre-Owned Furniture and Collectibles and is proud of the variety of products her store carries. "As an entrepreneur, what I love most is learning something new every day," said Joan. Operating her store gives Joan great pleasure as it allows her to stay active in Fort St. John and connected to the members of her community.

Unit 9 10404 101 Ave
Fort St. John, BC V1J 2B8


Monday to Saturday
10:00 am - 4:00 pm