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Big Rock Ranch is a small sustainable farm, located in Forest Grove BC, that provides heritage, free-range eggs, chicken, pork and locally grown veggies. They also offer a Tiny House B&B for guests. Purchasers can find their colourful array of lettuce greens, spinach, arugula, kale, chard, beets, carrots, beans, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, radishes, herbs, peppers, leeks and garlic at the local CSA and farmers markets.

The free range chickens and pigs at Big Rock Ranch are grass fed and receive no hormones or antibiotics so customers purchasing chicken or pork can have confidence they are receiving a superior product.

Followers of the “tiny home” movement will be pleased to know that Big Rock Ranch also offers guests a unique opportunity to stay in their self-constructed tiny home B&B. Big Rock Ranch uses organic practices with no spray or pesticides and they buy and support local products.

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Meet Robin Hunt and Johan Bos

Meet Robin Hunt and Johan Bos

This agrarian couple of Robin Hunt and Johan Bos feel strongly about food sustainability and supporting Canadian farmers. Growing up in the lower mainland Robin watched as the viable farm land of the Fraser Valley slowly but surely was bulldozed over and turned into rooftop after rooftop, taking more and more land out of the agricultural reserve. As population grew and farms dwindled it became increasingly evident that food security was bound to be a problem in the future. Coming back to the hustle and bustle of the city, after spending peaceful summers at the family farm in 100 Mile House, made Robin aware of how disconnected people were to their food.

A passion formed within her to educate and share with people the importance of our fellow farmers. A true country girl at heart Robin started with urban farming and rearing heritage chickens. As her passion grew, so did her fleets and soon enough she had a full fledged farm in Squamish BC. After assisting farmers throughout the years Robin built and started a small farm and CSA along with Johan, who had caught the bug. He too found a love of farming, connecting to the land and the foods we eat. It was a natural progression for the two to move to the family farm in 100 Mile House, making their dreams a reality and growing Big Rock Ranch into what it is today. Both Robin and Johan love being connected to the land and the freedom that self-employment brings. They’re proud that they are able to instill low-till and bio-intensive farming practices in their vegetable crops and that their chickens and pigs, roam free on the land. “We are investing in our local economy and currently investing in off grid practices,” Robin says.
The couple is proud of their new home and they want the people of 100 mile to know they are always welcome at the Ranch. “We feel strongly about community, supporting our local economy and small towns. We want to know our clients and have relationships with each and everyone of them. We want people to feel welcome to come visit the farm and see where and how their food is grown and raised” Robin explains. The duo wanted to move to the family farm Robin was raised around because the farm land in 100 Mile House is viable, it’s affordable and it’s a great community to live in. They frequently visit many local shops, Horse Lake Coop, Jackson’s Social Club and Brewhouse, The Dandelion Cafe and The Rise & Grind Coffee House are a few favourites.

Robin admits they haven’t been here long enough to notice any changes in business but states that over the past 30 years it has grown at a slow and steady pace. “Exactly how we like it!” She says.Robin and Johan feel really good about business in 100 Mile House but understands the importance of community support. “We think small businesses are the backbone of a community, and believe we should educate more about the importance of small businesses and supporting local," says the duo.

6261 Bates Rd
Forest Grove, BC V0K 1M0


Open Daily
9:00 am - 6:00 pm