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Nurture your own energy healing and personal wellness at be. real Centre. This innovative wellness centre provides alternative healing practices and the trusted team at be. real Centre will guide you along your path to inner self-discovery and understanding.

Take part in a session of soothing sound therapy, energy clearing, hypnosis, psychic mediumship, reiki and reflexology, along with various meditation groups and classes. There are often free workshops, featuring topics such as Indigenous smudging and other traditional teachings. Hosted in a safe and inviting space, all therapies encourage healing of a myriad of concerns.

Give yourself the opportunity to release any negative energy with wonderful, certified practitioners who are experts in the field. Feel your mood lifted and spirit revitalized as you take on each day. Clients are often astounded in the sense of enlightenment that they experience at be. real Centre; a form of transformation towards your ‘all-knowing-self’.

Meet Tryna Gower

Meet Tryna Gower

Tryna Gower has had an entrepreneurial spirit right from the get-go. At the young age of 20, her determination to provide the best services for her hometown of Dawson Creek led her to her first business as a photographer. Further expressing her creativity, Tryna expanded her ventures into a branding website company. Both skills have lent themselves nicely to her newest passion: healing energy therapy.

“Providing a unique transformational healing centre in my hometown allows me to visibly see the difference our team makes in peoples lives. With that growth, it propels the personal and professional development of the community where I was raised in its entirety,” exclaims Tryna.

Absolutely every aspect of Tryna’s life underscores creativity and a thirst for learning. She is especially proud of the local Aboriginal culture and the fascinating teachings that encourage others to connect with the earth. "There are never-ending opportunities to better ourselves and grow as a community", says Tryna, “every person needs a space and teachers that can help them stay centred and focused on internal wellness.”

22 1405 102 Ave W
Dawson Creek, BC V1G 2E1


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