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Visiting Haida Gwaii for a fishing trip, are you a local fisher, or maybe just a seafood lover, then a trip to T&M Seafood should be on your radar! With over 20 years in the business, T&M Seafood are skilled and excited to help you process your catch! T&M Seafood are the only federally licensed commercial seafood processor at their end of the island as well. 

Through June to August, drop off your catch (small or large) in the late afternoon for processing, with quick pick up the next day! Their -35 blast freezer can process up to 2000lbs of fish overnight and is key to preserving the freshness of your catch! Everything will be filleted (or portioned), vacuum sealed and frozen for you to take back with you! Fish processing is also available in May and September by appointment only! 

Don’t feel like catching your own dinner? T&M Seafood offers a selection of local, and Northern BC caught seafood for you to choose from!

Meet Tom and Michelle Argue

Meet Tom and Michelle Argue

Owners Tom and Michelle have over 20 years experience in the fish and seafood industry. After 3 years of managing, they jumped at the opportunity to own T&M Seafood Ltd in 2020! With discerning eyes and quality driven mindsets, Tom and Michelle only provide the very best to their clients, both for sale, and when they process products!

New and returning visitors from all over the country are Tom and Michelle’s favourite part of owning a small business. They love seeing what everyone catches, and are happy to know that customers will be able to enjoy their fish, and all the great memories they made on Haida Gwaii, when they get home!


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