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Silent Rapids Productions is a full-service video production house based in Daajing Giids. Silent Rapids takes pleasure in shining the spotlight on strong characters and telling their stories. From story conception and pre-production, to ground and aerial cinematography, to editing and graphics, our goal is to tell your story as beautifully as possible. From documentaries of all lengths, to music videos, to promotional work, we love telling stories that transport audiences through picture and sound.

With 10 years experience as a videographer with the CBC, owner Gaëtan Lamarre was ready to tell stories with a slower, more thoughtful narrative. Sometimes the life and magic of a story or a character can be squeezed by moving too quickly through the steps of video production. Silent Rapids Production slows it down and takes their time to get the shot just right, allowing the stories and characters to come to life on screen.

Meet Gaëtan Lamarre

Meet Gaëtan Lamarre

Owner Gaëtan Lamarre loves every aspect of being an entrepreneur, he loves that he gets to have his hands on every part of video production. In the morning he can be developing a script for a local community project, in the afternoon filming a music video and, in the evening, editing some drone footage for a local tourism piece. The variety of work he produces for his clients keeps life dynamic, fun and interesting!
Gaëtan is grateful for his community because he feels everyone has a helping hand, a smile, and a story to tell. In the city, a person can feel invisible because there are so many people around, and it’s impossible to know everyone. In a smaller community like Haida Gwaii, there’s always someone to lend a hand when you need help or someone to lend a hand to when you don’t. And it’s beautiful. Generosity is on display here on a daily basis here and he feels that sharing is contagious, it contributes to a stronger, more vibrant community.

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