Richie’s Whole Shebang

Communication & Audio­ Visual-Construction & Renovations-Electronics

Richie’s Whole Shebang is your one call handyman service that can help you out with “everything and anything” day and night. Owner Richard has experience with computers, electronics, photo and video editing and audio-visual system installations. He is flexible and creative and is pleased to do custom work for clients. Richie’s Whole Shebang has a fantastic mobile pressure washing system that can use both hot and cold water for all your pressure washing needs. Richie’s Whole Shebang can assist you with all your odd jobs in and around your home, and handyman work and maintenance such as lawn cutting. Richie’s Whole Shebang is reliable and flexible in order to meet your needs. Clients will feel they have received good value for the effort that is put into their projects. Richard likes to leave his customers with a smile on their face.

Meet Richard Decembrini

Meet Richard Decembrini

Richard loves living and working on Haida Gwaii. He enjoys fishing and hunting and appreciates the amount of delicious food that is available locally for people to hunt, fish, gather and preserve. Haida Gwaii has active local communities and Richard enjoys the variety of events that are always occurring. He likes to keep busy working on his own projects or working on his client's projects.

Richard had an idea for a handyman business and in true entrepreneurial spirit, he "went with it." Richard has been successfully operating Richie's Whole Shebang since 2014. "It allows for a variety of work," he said, "you are never doing the same thing every week and you can expand your knowledge by taking on different jobs." Richard appreciates that his job allows him to meet new people and get to know his neighbours even better. He is proud of his adapted and improved pressure washer set-up. "It was a feat to find everything…and then having to put it all together and make it successfully work as one unit." Richard likes his work and enjoys helping people out. "It creates a great sense of self-pride when you know you have done a great job for someone."


24 hours on call service