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If you smell something mouthwatering at the Daajing Giids or Tlell Farmer’s Markets, it just might be one of Pringle’s Products’ melt-in-your-mouth home-baked loaves of bread, delectable sweet fruit pies or savoury meat pies. Every dish is cooked and baked from scratch, and that includes Pringle’s Products popular jams, jellies and preserves which you just can’t leave the market without. Pringle’s Products also carries a fun and eclectic selection of hand-knitted hats for all ages, perfectly suited to Haida Gwaii winters or as souvenirs of your visit to Haida Gwaii. Pringle’s Products are available every Saturday throughout the summer season at the Daajing Giids Farmer’s Market and Sundays at the Tlell Farmers Market as well as various craft fairs around the area, or directly from the owner and chief cook/crafter Kay Pringle.

Meet Kay Pringle

Meet Kay Pringle

Kay Pringle has lived on Haida Gwaii for decades and is one of the driving forces behind the Queen Charlotte Farmer's Market. She's been the main organizer for many years and has a real passion for promoting sustainability and self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship and through growing and producing food. The job of organizer comes with no pay, but that's okay with Kay, who simply does it for the benefits that it brings to the community and to raise awareness of the many amazing growers and crafters that live here.

Being the organizer does come with one little perk, though. Kay gets a free table at the market. Having always loved cooking and baking, she decided to sell baked goods, jams and jellies, and has added more products, varieties and recipes over the years. She also enjoys knitting and carries a variety of hand-made hats which are always a big hit with market visitors.

Kay originally came from Ontario to Haida Gwaii in 1973. The pace of life here is considerably more laid back than in Ontario, and it is something that she has a deep appreciation for. "It's a simple way of life," she says, adding that she has always been mesmerized by the stunning natural beauty of the islands. "It's clean, fresh and untouched. It's beautiful in Haida Gwaii." Technically, Kay is "retired," but you wouldn't know it because during the market season she bakes six days per week in addition to being deeply involved in the community, as well as hanging out at the coffee shop enjoying the music.


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