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Alissa loves learning and thinks of her business as “applied learning.” She enjoys using the skills she gained during her post-secondary education towards the success of her business, Pacific Chiton Consulting. “Pacific Chiton Consulting is a locally-relevant writing service that caters specifically to the needs of the northern population,” explained Alissa, “primarily servicing Haida Gwaii.”

Alissa offers writing, editing, tutoring, transcription, proofreading and content development. Her business is professional, on time and on budget. As a regional consulting business, Pacific Chiton Consulting provides high-quality services at an affordable cost. “The mission of my business is to work with honesty and integrity to produce deliverables that meet the quality and timely needs of clients,” Alissa said.

As a business owner, Alissa is passionate about literacy. “It’s a privilege to learn to read and write,” said Alissa, “and I’m proud of the rooting this business has in improving community literacy and valuing reading, writing and presenting skills locally.” Alissa enjoys being an entrepreneur and says there’s something truly satisfying about creating unique products and providing a needed service to her community.

Meet Alissa MacMullin

Meet Alissa MacMullin

"Haida Gwaii is my home and always will be," said Alissa. She believes that once you commit to living in a particular place for a long time, you invest yourself fully in improving your lifestyle while also giving back to your community. She loves living and working in Haida Gwaii and has noticed a number of other young entrepreneurs settling in and making business leaps, especially in telework. "We want to live here and have adaptable livelihoods," said Alissa. Alissa started her own business, Pacific Chiton Consulting, in 2015.

Alissa loves her home and appreciates that she can see the stars so well. She loves getting lost in the constellations and how star gazing makes your first-world, modern-day problems seem so small. She also loves to explore the natural environment nearby and appreciates a good book. She frequents Queen B's for the great coffee and occasionally uses it as a secondary office.


Business Hours: By appointment.

Mailing Address: PO Box 402, Daajing Giids, BC V0T 1S0