North Pacific Kelp Wild Foods

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North Pacific Kelp Wild Foods harnesses the power and nutrition of the sea while maintaining a healthy and sustainable eco-system. North Pacific Kelp Wild Foods produces a variety of products, all of which originate from within the Pacific Ocean and the rainforest of the historic and pristine islands of Haida Gwaii. Its products begin with wild kelp, sea asparagus and wild mushrooms that are hand-harvested with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Less than ten percent of the total kelp beds are harvested, leaving a sustainable and healthy marine canopy.

North Pacific Kelp Products include kombu, giant kelp and wakame flakes, seaweed powder, seaweed lasagne, skin care scrubs and seaweed soaps, fresh and pickled sea asparagus and fresh and dried wild mushrooms. North Pacific Kelp Wild Foods is committed to respecting the land of the Haida and the indigenous people who have inhabited the Haida Gwaii chain of islands for thousands of years through sustainable harvesting practices.

Meet Dafne Romero Salazar (Owner/Manager)

Meet Dafne Romero Salazar (Owner/Manager)

Dafne Romero is deeply connected to the land and waters that make up the island chain of Haida Gwaii. She is proud to be producing a product that is harvested directly from the wild and contains some of the most powerful nutrients available in a food. "It's a great feeling to make healthy products," says Dafne. But she doesn't take the land for granted and works hard not just to produce food sustainably, but to share that message of sustainability with others.

Hunting and wild harvesting is a way of life for many people who call Haida Gwaii home, and Dafne is no exception. Though harvesting wild food is her job, she also does it for fun and for herself, keeping alive a centuries-old tradition of trying to live off the land.

She is profoundly appreciative of the tranquility and beauty of Haida Gwaii. She particularly loves to spend time on and near the ocean."It's peaceful here," she says, and notes that the community is safe and that the residents work together to keep the area vibrant and also look out for one another.