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Artist Nancy Hett believes that art can be beautiful as well as functional, and this philosophy guides her in all of the work she does at Moresby Mountain Pottery. Inspired by the natural beauty of Haida Gwaii, Nancy creates pieces for the kitchen and the home that are works of art meant to be incorporated into everyday living. She incorporates bright colours and earth tones into all of her plates, bowls, mugs, teapots and other pieces. Her unique works are sold in various venues throughout Haida Gwaii as well as from her Daajing Giids Studio.

Moresby Mountain Pottery is a member of the Haida Gwaii Arts Council and is part of Art Route Haida Gwaii.

Meet Nancy Hett

Meet Nancy Hett

"You can do just about anything here," says artist Nancy Hett, who has been designing and creating pottery for over three decades. Nancy is one of a large and strong community of artists and artisans on Haida Gwaii, and she has always felt encouraged and validated in her work here - both by the art community as well as the community at large. "It's a friendly, supportive place," she states, adding that business owners here go out of their way to promote and support other business owners in their own ventures.

Nancy is mostly self-taught, and has also learned from some of the other artists in Haida Gwaii. Becoming a professional artist was a natural move for her creative spirit, and she appreciates the sense of freedom that working for herself provides. Nancy specializes in pottery for the kitchen, and many of her plates, mugs, bowls and other items have found their way into kitchens all over BC, Canada and even other parts of the world. In addition to creating pottery, Nancy also teaches pottery to others. She especially enjoys mentoring younger artists and has taught numerous classes in local schools.

Nancy draws much of her inspiration from the beautiful natural setting in and around Haida Gwaii. When she's not working on a new piece of pottery, she can often be found spending time outdoors in nature, going for a hike or bird watching.


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