Lawnhill Sawmill

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Lawnhill Sawmill is a family owned and operated small business servicing the communities of Haida Gwaii since 2018. They specialize in custom wood milling orders, sourcing locally and sustainably harvested wood species such as spruce, cedar, hemlock and alder.

With a professional grade Woodmizer Sawmill, custom and laser-precision cutting has never been easier or more cost-effective. Lawnhill Sawmill carries plenty of stock lumber direct from their property, or bring your own supply. Each and every cut produces an intricate pattern of grain and texture unique to the species. Lawnhill Sawmill creates a finished product of excellent calibre.

Typical projects include, but not limited to window trim, deck rails, fencing, furniture, garden framing, renovations and so much more. Each and every request is processed quickly and at excellent prices. Lawnhill Sawmill will ensure your next wood project is solid and beautiful, standing the test of time. Call the office for all of your timber inquiries.

Meet Clint Murdaugh

Meet Clint Murdaugh

Clint Murdaugh has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Even at the young age of five, Clint was known to sell unique rocks from his wagon by going door-to-door. Fast-forward a few years and Lawnhill Sawmill owner has advanced to a more mature business approach. Clint has truly enjoyed every step of the entrepreneurial process, from building his plan to executing custom cuts with his own bare hands, he is proud of everything he has accomplished.

Clint and his brothers grew up on the property amongst plenty of beautiful timber. Rather than bulk log everything, Clint saw an opportunity to process it himself. He also runs a charter business along with a cabin vacation rental from the same site. “I love being able to share this legacy with others,” beams Clint.

Like most residents of Haida Gwaii, Clint is particularly fond of fishing and boating. He has invested his whole life in his community, feeling compelled to give a little back. Clint created and operated the non-profit ministry group ‘24/7 Youth Haida Gwaii’ as a means to connect the region’s younger populations. The program saw great success and continues to support many residents today. Clint says that many people in Haida Gwaii get involved with the community- it’s what makes it such a great place to live! Plus it’s the salmon fishing capital of all of Canada!

“We love Haida Gwaii, and there’s a little Haida Gwaii in all of us!”