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Artisan Kathy Pick turns retro into contemporary with flair and style, and creates natural art with found objects. Drawing inspiration from long walks on the beaches and through the forests of Haida Gwaii, Kathy uses gathered materials to hand-craft distinctive kelp, willow, bark and pine needle baskets and cedar pouches. She is also the vision behind Kicking it Up a Notch, her unique line of up-cycled clothing. Sustainability is central to Kathy’s philosophy and artistry. Kathy also teaches classes in the art and skill of basket-making.

Meet Kathy Pick

Meet Kathy Pick

Take one part creativity, mix it with some earth-love, and you get unique, upcycled, handmade gifts, clothing and baskets with Kathy Pick's distinctive artistry. Kathy loves to take old things, things that people have discarded, and turn them into something new and desirable. Her favourite place to look for new projects is the Thrift Store, and she rarely leaves there without something.

Another place where Kathy likes to "shop" for materials are the beaches and forests. "It's my shopping mall!" she laughs. They are a wonderful source for creating found art, like her kelp baskets, and while she's searching, she gets to walk and take in the astounding scenery all around her. Walking the beaches is one of Kathy's favourite pastimes. In the summer she also likes to spend time in her garden, and writing is a year-round passion for her.

Kathy appreciates the fact that Haida Gwaii is such an open and receptive place for artists and artisans of all kinds. It is conducive to creativity, not just because of the extraordinary natural surroundings but also because of the wonderful support. She often says" it takes a community to raise a child and it also takes a community to raise an artist." Living here “allows me to be more creative, developing fresh new things for a small local market,” she notes. She adds that the unique setting is “a drawing card for the Haida culture. The Haida culture also illuminates by contrast many other artists and craft person’s work."

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