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Welcome to Howlers Private Liquor Store, Daajing Giidss best selection of beer, wine coolers and liquor!

The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Howlers are here to help and can assist you with any questions you may have about any of their adult friendly beverages. With their competitive prices, their impeccable customer service and the best selection of beer in the Northwest, why would you go anywhere else?

For your next BBQ, dinner party or simply anytime, stock up at Howlers Private Liquor Store!

Meet Bernie & Shari Howlett

Meet Bernie & Shari Howlett

Business, beers and B&B’s! The husband and wife team of Shari and Bernie Howlett sure do have a genius eye for opportunity. Their original venture, Howlers Pub has been a popular spot amongst locals for over 30 years! Their second business, Howlers Bistro, had over 15 years under its belt until Shari and Bernie decided to lease out the Bistro in 2013 and the Pub in 2017 and focus their energy on their private liquor store and newly renovated accommodations.

Their more recent ventures, Howlers Liquor Store (operating since 2004) and the AirBnB (new in 2017!) are creating quite the buzz of anticipation!

“A few years ago we expanded and purchased the whole building,” explains Shari. “We wanted to simplify our workload with the hopes of being able to have more free time with our grand kids. We have leased both our bistro space and our pub and are looking forward to enjoying more of an Island life, maybe I’ll even start canning!”

After 60 combined years of retail experience, management and business operation, Shari and Bernie are ready to let go a little bit. Their children were literally raised in the Howlers building as they used to bring their daughter in while in her car seat, starting from when she was just two weeks old! Two of their children worked with their parents in all of the business's as well over the years before branching out into other careers.

Bernie and Shari are still operating Howlers Private Liquor store and are proud that leasing the other areas of their building gives the new generation of entrepreneurs an opportunity to pursue their dreams. They are thankful for all the people they have had an opportunity to mentor over the years.

“We wouldn’t have been able to do all of this without them,” says Shari. “We feel completely confident in leaving the liquor store in the capable hands of our former employee and current manager, Cheryl. She is considered part of our family and has always stepped in whenever we needed her. We have built a great team over the years.”

There have been many changes in the community over the years, including within their own business. The duo have seen 100’s of employees come through their various doors and say it was often the friends of their teenage children that were hired to help run the Bistro.

“We are proud of our business and the stock we are able to provide in our liquor store; we try to accommodate all and will do our darndest to bring in whatever our customers request” proclaims Shari.


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