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Haida Gwaii Designs & Signs makes magic happen with any and all print materials. From signs of all kinds, photocopying, printing, graphic designs, business cards, t-shirt printing, posters, promotional products, office supplies, laminating, photo finishing and passport photos- the options are limitless!

Located right in the heart of Daajing Giids, this design and print company provides essential client services to countless businesses within the region. Haida Gwaii Designs & Signs ensures unprecedented professionalism with each and every assignment, working tirelessly until clients are content. Give your business an added boost with impactful, professional-grade printing and products.

In addition to business client services, there are also plenty of customizable gift ideas to suit any wish-list. Everyone loves a fun, personalized wood sign to make a playful statement in their home or garden. Bring your ideas and the owner Steve can help bring it to life!

Visit Haida Gwaii Designs & Signs for all your printing and promotional needs today!

Meet Steve Ramsbottom

Meet Steve Ramsbottom

As Haida Gwaii has been experiencing healthy doses of tourism, small business in the region has also seen a steady surge over the years. Steve Ramsbottom noticed new enterprises yearning for additional support, so he came up with a way to address the gap in the community. With a background and passion for graphic design, this entrepreneur addressed the need for better business and client services by creating Haida Gwaii Designs & Signs in 2019.

Since opening, Steve has thoroughly enjoyed business ownership and the countless benefits that come hand in hand. He is fond of having control in the creative direction of his company, and especially feels satisfaction in “providing necessary services at a personal level.” When Steve isn't busy whipping up a eye-catching design on his computer, he can be found socializing, going for walks, watching sports and camping. Daajing Giids is the perfect spot, checking all the boxes for a life well lived. For Steve, his beloved town will always hold a soft spot in his heart.


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