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Green Coast Kayaking takes you to some of the most awe-inspiring locations and breathtaking scenery on earth, all right here around the waters of Haida Gwaii. Paddlers of all skill levels can fuel their sense of adventure and get a taste of the outdoors from both land and sea, all under the guidance of professional, experienced and certified guides who have an intimate familiarity with Haida Gwaii’s waters and shores. Green Coast Kayaking embraces a communal style of paddling and camping. Individuals paddle together as cohesive teams. When it’s time to set up camp for the evening, paddlers take turns cooking for the entire group. In this way, adventurers learn to combine their skills in a way that benefits the group as a whole.

Each paddling trip is eight days long. June and September trips will take guests to various points around the West Coast of Haida Gwaii. July and August trips bring adventurers to some of the best parts of the mystical and pristine Gwaii Haanas, a national park reserve and heritage site. Different stops and destinations are offered throughout the entire season so no two trips are exactly alike.

Green Coast Kayaking also offers kayak and bicycle rentals. Its Floathouse accommodation at the Queen Charlotte harbour is the perfect way to start and end your Haida Gwaii adventures.

Meet Bryce Klee

Meet Bryce Klee

Bryce Klee is an adventure seeker whose pursuits have taken him to various places around the world. An animal lover with a taste for the outdoors life, Bryce has visited multiple continents, working various jobs to support his travel habit. Eventually he was drawn to the tourism business which, he discovered, was the perfect industry for someone with his skills and passion for nature and wildlife. Before coming to Haida Gwaii, Bryce was a safari guide in Africa for two years.

Haida Gwaii had long been on his list of places to see, so when he left Africa, he landed on the shores of Daajing Giids. He remembers being awestruck at the scenery, marvelling that it was even more beautiful than he'd imagined. In keeping with his sense of adventure, he pursued certification as a paddling guide. He took over Green Coast Kayaking in 2015.

Bryce is very happy in his new Haida Gwaii home. He appreciates the respect that islanders have for their surroundings and their desire to keep it natural and beautiful. The friendly people welcomed him wholeheartedly and have been tremendously supportive of his business. "Business" for Bryce usually doesn't take place behind a desk. Business meetings often consist of a walk through the forest or down to the beach. It is a lifestyle that is perfectly suited to him. The line between work and play is a blurry one for Bryce. If he's not paddling guests around the island, he's often out paddling for the sheer pleasure of it or exploring the magnificence of Haida Gwaii on foot.


Please contact for information and trip schedule. Open June to September.