Crabapple Creek Ent.

Agriculture & Food Production-Business Services-Construction & Renovations

Apple trees are typically mature and rooted garden staples with arms that reach out into many different directions. The team at the aptly named Crabapple Creek Ent. is no exception.

Staff at Crabapple Creek Ent. hold a multitude of skills in the many different “branches” of their industry. The facility is available for both residential and commercial storage along with commercial office rental space. Crabapple Creek also offers custom local wood sales including alder, yellow cedar and red cedar and provides full woodworking services. Their equipment includes a band saw, planer, joiner and shaper. Lodging, handicrafts and antiques are also available for purchase.

Crabapple Creek’s reputation for dependable service is well known throughout the community. In fact, they have an extensive list of local businesses already utilising their services. Come down to Crabapple Creek today to see what they have in store for you.

Meet Carl Coffey & Debora Erickson

Meet Carl Coffey & Debora Erickson

Carl first moved to Haida Gwaii in 1969 hoping to find and purchase farmland. When he wasn't successful at finding land, he turned to commercial fishing and spent 40 years in the fishing industry. He built the Crabapple Creek storage business in 1998 with the intent of meeting the local demand for storage and commercial office space. As the demand grew, the business grew too. It was then that Carl added a second storage warehouse at the Crabapple Creek location in 2005. Retiring from the fishing industry in 2010, Carl decided to focus his time and efforts on his warehouse operations.

Debbie, Carl's wife, is a long-term resident of Haida Gwaii, having spent over 30 years working for the government. Debbie retired in 2013 to spend more time enjoying personal interests and to help Carl with their Crabapple Creek business.

“I love it here,” says Carl of his decision to start his business in Daajing Giids. “There is a natural beauty within our community and people are just friendlier here than those residing in a larger community. I like living in a smaller, quieter place.”

Carl believes that in small town business, your patrons are not just customers, you have real relationships with the people who you serve. He is grateful that everyone is so familiar. “I enjoy doing business in a small town because I know the people,” he admits.

“I like that as an entrepreneur, I am able to be my own boss, says Carl. “You can show your integrity through your actions. I’m really proud that we have such a great business reputation around town. We have many long-term business tenants and recently, and a number of Haida artists have begun accessing our woodworking equipment and services.”

Carl appreciates the easy access to the ocean and the splendid views of the inlet, but admits that he and Debbie do like to get away on occasion. “I feel optimistic about the future of business here,” states Carl. "I have noticed an increasing number of entrepreneurs over the past few years.”


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