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The Charlotte Thrift Shop is a quaint non-profit store packed with a variety of great bargains, all donated by Islands residents. Centrally located on 2nd Ave in one of the oldest buildings (1909) in the village, customers will discover an assortment of clothing, books, kitchenware, small appliances, games, toys and so much more!

Hard-working volunteers ensure that all donated items are inspected, with only good condition wares making it to the shelves. Do your part by repurposing gently used items while reaping the benefit of extremely affordable prices. Coupons are also available through local agencies to provide support for residents in need.  Visit the shop for their $5 fill-a-bag deal! Be sure to check back often as stock rotates every day. For bargain hunters and treasure seekers alike, the Shop has a never-ending supply of goodies to buy.

Meet The Charlotte Thrift Shop Society

Meet The Charlotte Thrift Shop Society

The Charlotte Thrift shop began in 1968 as an adjunct to the local community library (located in the former one-room schoolhouse, and privately owned) to raise money to buy books. When the library relocated to the newly-built community hall in 1975, a local women's group; the Society for Continuing Self Development, took over the building and the challenge to keep the shop alive. When that society faded, community members kept on, and in 1982 the operation was incorporated as a non-profit society named the Charlotte Thrift Shop.

Its purpose is not to make money; it is to provide a community service by recycling used items. However, volunteers look forward to donating money to other local non-profit groups and charities whenever sales and fundraising exceeds expenses. Current chairperson Heather George feels that the wider community is also extremely connected, largely through the acceptance and celebration of diversity among residents. “The Haida culture in many ways defines who we are as islanders,” says Heather. “In the interaction of cultures, we are all richer.  The Thrift Shop has become part of our Islands culture, and we hope to continue to provide this community service for another 50 years.”


Monday to Saturday 1 - 3 pm
Monday and Thursday evenings 730 -9 pm
Closed Sundays and statutory holidays

Wheelchair Accessible Entrance