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Daajing Giids’s original general store opened in 1967 and it’s still going strong today. Stocked with an eclectic blend of a little bit of everything, visitors and locals alike will find a variety of goods from clothing and accessories to housewares and souvenirs. Contemporary meets traditional at Charlisle Ltd., where shoppers will still be greeted with a warm, friendly smile and experience good old-fashioned personal service – just like they did in 1967.

Meet Jackie Wilson

Meet Jackie Wilson

Jackie Wilson has lived in the Daajing Giids area for most of her life, and thanks to her family business, has met just about everyone else who lives here. Jackie's mother, Linda Roth, purchased Charlisle Clothiers in 1971 from the original owners, Bill and Irene Davies, who first started the general store in 1967. And although some of the products have changed over the decades, Charlisle Clothiers still maintains its old-school, hometown feel. Jackie jokes that she became an entrepreneur because her mother made her, but in reality, she loves what she does for a living. For Jackie, part of the fun of running the store is being able to know her customers and offer them personalized service just like in 1967.

Speaking of Jackie's mom, Linda Roth, she describes her as "not your typical housewife." Cooking and cleaning were just not "her thing." Rather, she had an innate knack for business and worked hard to build the store, and Jackie credits its success and longevity to her mother's passion and dedication. "My Mom worked her butt off to make Charlisle what it is today. She may not have been at home to make me cookies, but she did provide me with a job for the last 40 plus years. I am grateful." Jackie is also very grateful to her current staff that helps her run a professional, successful business.

Jackie loves the community and its friendly people who are always quick to lend a hand when someone is in need. "If you are ever in trouble, people here have your back and will give you tremendous support," she declares. The casual, laid-back pace is another thing that makes life here desirable, and it gives Jackie time to do the things she enjoys when she's not working. She loves to garden and has a green thumb, but she jokes that eating chocolate might actually be her main hobby.


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