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Reiki healing is a natural therapy that gently balances life’s energies and brings health and well being to the recipient. The body is more than just a collection of functioning parts. Since everything generates a frequency, the body and its organs have their own energy field that is continually changing. If energy is low, weakened or blocked, you are more likely to experience imbalances mentally, emotionally or physically.

There are seven major chakras, which are energy centers that run through the body. They run from the top of the head (the crown) and end at the tailbone (the root). Reiki helps to re-align the body’s energy centers, reduce stress, promote relaxation and help the body to heal naturally. Reiki is an energy healing method that is done by placing the hands in a series of positions on or slightly above the body.

Ancient knowledge tells of a life force, or Ki energy, that flows through every person. Science is now beginning to understand that this force is tangible and indeed does exist. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that anyone can benefit from. Wondering if Reiki is for you? Practitioner Tanya Essar also provides consultations. Reiki with Tanya carries a unique selection of stones, crystals and jewellery which may be beneficial to health and wellbeing. Tanya also teaches a variety of classes and workshops as well as being a product advisor for a health and wellness company. For a free consultation, please contact Tanya.

Mention you saw Reiki with Tanya on Love Chetwynd and receive 10% off of the purchase of a stone or jewellery purchase when you come in for a Reiki treatment.

Meet Tanya Essar

Meet Tanya Essar

Tanya Essar has a passion for holistic health and well being. It is why she followed her dreams and pursued Reiki training and started her business in 2014. She is fervent about educating her clients about healthier, more mindful approaches to wellbeing. In doing so, Tanya feels she is making a meaningful and positive contribution both locally and globally.

Tanya notes that the reception to her business venture by locals has been overwhelmingly positive. It doesn't surprise her, though. Her experiences with her fellow community members have always been enriching. The people who live here are friendly and supportive. No matter where you go in town, "people say hi, even if they don't know you," and they are even quick to help out strangers. Tanya believes that Chetwynd has a sense of spirit that makes it a wonderful place to live and work.

The people make the town, but the natural setting is the icing on the cake. Tanya appreciates all the lakes and hiking trails that surround Chetwynd and provide so much in the way of outdoor recreation. It is the perfect place to raise a family, and when Tanya isn't busy working you'll find her spending time with hers.

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