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At Spencha Lake Ranch, guests will find high quality, juicy, tender, healthy beef delivered with courteous, friendly. convenient service and country charm. Customers can choose from grass-fed or grain-fed beef, depending on preference, available by whole or by the half, front quarter or hind quarter.

Spencha Lake Ranch is a family owned and operated business and is committed to sustainable farming practices and food production, and to raising happy cows that produce better, tastier, healthier meat.

Visit Green Zone Grocer in Burns Lake and pick up some of Spencha Lake Ranch’s fresh grass-fed or grain-fed beef today!

Meet Brian & Shirley Wiebe

Meet Brian & Shirley Wiebe

Brian Wiebe's parents bought the property that is now Spencha Lake Ranch over three decades ago and Brian always dreamed of farming it. The property sat dormant for many years until Brian, in his early 20's, settled down and started ranching. Shirley later married into the farm life and together the couple and their five children have been raising grass and grain-fed beef.

"We both love working the land, working with animals and providing a better, healthier beef than what is sold to us at the supermarkets," says Shirley. Not that farming and business doesn't have its challenges. But one of the things that the couple appreciates about being entrepreneurs is the freedom to try new things. "We make our own decisions and learn from them either right or wrong." They also get a little thrill when people tell them that their beef is the best they've ever tasted.

Living and farming in rural Burns Lake is a lifestyle that Brian and Shirley and their family has embraced wholeheartedly. They are outdoors lovers and they appreciate all of the wide open spaces around the farm. Small town living also makes it easier to get to know people, and they have developed relationships with many of their customers over the years.

Farm life keeps the couple very busy, but when they're able to get away they enjoy going camping as a family in the summer and participating in winter sports throughout the rest of the year. Shirley is also an avid runner and both Shirley and Brian enjoy biking.

10055 Hewitt Rd W
Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E4


Please contact Brian or Shirley for more information.
Spencha Lake Ranch beef is sold at Green Zone Grocer in Burns Lake.