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Allow Shelby Payne Photography to tell your story. Specializing in wedding, maternity, and lifestyle photos, Shelby Payne Photography is able to capture all of the memorable moments in your life.

By capturing the essence of each special day, Shelby creates cherished memories that will last forever. Relax and rest assured that she will take care of all the fine details, so you don’t have to.

When working with Shelby Payne Photography, clients are working with a professional. Bringing clients peace of mind, allowing them to enjoy every moment.

Meet Shelby Payne

Meet Shelby Payne

Born and raised in Burns Lake, Shelby took time away from her home town to explore post-secondary studies. Like many people, she soon found herself drawn back to the small town life with an abundance of family and friends.

Photography grants Shelby the freedom to make her own choices; she loves being a stay-at-home mom and the ability to create her own schedule. Another perk of the job is the connection she makes with her clients. Shelby is thrilled and honoured to be able to make her clients' photography visions come true while building on her positive reputation.

"I'm really proud of the name that I’ve built here in Burns Lake,” explains Shelby. “It’s the utmost compliment when people who haven't even had their photos taken with me, recommend me to those in search of a photographer. I've worked really hard to have an extensive portfolio and I appreciate the acknowledgement."

Shelby particularly enjoys the beautiful scenery and abundance of outdoor activities afforded to all who call Burns Lake home. “It's a place where there is something for everyone" explains Shelby. "We have such an abundance of walking, hiking and biking trails and we can enjoy them at no cost at all," Shelby confesses that she spends most of her spare time enjoying various creative endeavours. From DIY home decor, to sewing and crafting, she always has a project on the go. Shelby also enjoys exploring the various walking trails and camp sites that the Lakes District has to offer, always with her camera in tow, catching candids of family and friends.

Small towns like Burns Lake are grown on the backs of their entrepreneurs like Shelby. “As a small business owner, I hope that we can continue to grow our support for each other so the options can increase,” says Shelby.

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