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Artist and designer Liz-Anna Waugh has a flair for creativity that’s evident in all of her unique items. Visitors will find a delightful selection of original and unique pieces including handmade paper photo note cards made from plant fibres and recycled paper, “moose poo” paper cards, and jewellery made from upcycled Canadian copper pennies. Liz-Anna incorporates many natural, organic and recycled items into her products, making them not only beautiful but earth-friendly too.

Meet Liz-Anna Waugh

Meet Liz-Anna Waugh

Liz-Anna has recently relocated to a smaller home with a tiny studio which has meant downsizing everything, including what she is able to create in her new smaller environment. Her new studio is the perfect size to focus on designing and creating her unique art jewellery. Liz-Anna’s jewellery is made from new and recycled metals, semiprecious stones, glass beads and vintage treasures. She especially loves to manipulate and transform scrap metals using a variety of metalsmithing techniques to create jewellery that is interesting as well as beautiful.

Liz-Anna continues to craft handmade paper from wild and domestic plant fibres that she collects around the Lakes District. The fibres are processed and mixed with recycled paper pulp to make the paper for her greeting cards. Liz-Anna takes photos of everything from wild animals and birds to flowers and landscapes for her cards. She prints the photos on handmade paper giving them a unique, painterly quality.

The Lakes Artisan Centre in Burns Lake is where most of her Liz-Anna’s work is sold but she also has an on-line shop on Etsy .

Liz-Anna has a soft spot for animals and is an avid supporter of the Lakes Animal Friendship Society.

568 Hwy 16 W
Burns Lake, BC V0J 1E0


Tuesday to Friday:
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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