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The well-known phrase, “you are what you eat” bares a lot of truth. Our body, mind and spirit crave fresh, whole foods – foods that provide a smooth functioning of all essential organs, including our brain. From physical stamina to mental health wellness, what we eat effects everything.

Come along on a transformative health journey with Jess Hart Nutrition. Get individualized meal plans, one-on-one consultation and follow-up meetings to help get you started on a new and better you. No matter your background, Jess Hart Nutrition has the support for specific concerns like digestive issues, low energy, allergies, muscle and joint pain, weight management, depression, anxiety and more.

Jess Hart, the owner of Jess Hart Nutrition, is a registered holistic nutritionist and culinary nutrition expert in training. Her love of food transpires beyond healing and helping and she is also a self-proclaimed foodie!

Jess shares her passion with others by offering delicious, health-conscious cooking classes, promoting healthy eating at kids events and co-hosting wellness retreats with her fabulous meals. She keeps you informed with her love of blogging about healthy living and the tricks of the trade.

Meet Jessica Hart

Meet Jessica Hart

Just a small town girl born and raised in Seattle, Jess Hart met a Canadian boy and fell in love. In 2010 the married couple moved to Burns Lake and two kids later and the couple has truly integrated their lives into the community.

“I love the sense of community, belonging and relationships we have built in Burns Lake,” says Jess. "It’s the type of place where people really care about each other, and they also care about the future of the Burns Lake economy. There is a big push for local shopping, supporting small business." Jess and her family frequent the local Farmer’s Market, a sure-fire way to get wholesome, delicious and sustainable food to nourish their bodies and minds.

The drive for her business came from her passion for food along with a lack of nutrition services available in the area. As an increasingly health-conscious community, Jess was confident the community of Burns Lake was ready. Following in her parents' entrepreneurial footprints, it's now Jess’ turn to take the reigns and lead Burns Lake into a healthier future.

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