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Unwind, let go, and slip into total relaxation with Janet Wilson’s alternative healing therapy. Choose between one-hour or one-and-a-half hour long sessions of table Shiatsu acupressure massage, reflexology and Reiki sessions. Located on a majestic lakefront property, guests experience an inner radiance throughout with Janet’s expertise guiding the journey.

Shiatsu is an ancient Japanese alternative therapy that utilizes stretching, pressure and other manipulations to promote health and wellness while simultaneously relieving pain and discomfort.

Reflexology stimulates specific areas of the body through targeted zones on the hands and feet. Like a road map of the body, placing pressure on any given point of the extremities causes relief for associated muscles and reflexes.

Last but not least, Reiki is another form of Japanese therapy based on the belief that “life force energy” can become unsynchronized. By performing stress reduction and relaxation techniques, one’s energy balance will be equalized for an improvement in health.

Janet recently completed the Dien Chan Multireflexology course focusing on the face.

Consider a new approach to feeling your best both inside and out. Janet Wilson and her alternative healing therapies are the answer to many of your health and wellness needs. Elevate your mind, body and spirit to the fullest potential. Call for your next appointment.

Meet Janet Wilson

Meet Janet Wilson

When you’ve lived in Burns Lake for most of your life, you truly grow to appreciate the innate beauty of the surroundings. That’s exactly how the Lakefront Hideaway owner came up with the idea to create a vacation getaway in her hometown. For Janet Wilson, sharing the rugged awesomeness that is her community was an obvious decision.

Before starting her bodywork enterprise, Janet was a busy mother of four and homemaker with a successful direct sales scrapbooking business for twelve years. After Burns Lake was rocked by the Babine Mill explosion, Janet shifted her entrepreneurial focus.

In 2012, Janet began dedicating her entrepreneurial spirit to healing and bodywork. In 2013 she trained in reflexology and Shiatsu Acupressure, a true passion of hers. Between her healing work and her new vacation property, Janet enjoys a busy and yet satisfying life. She is able to find balance in her ventures, allowing for flexibility in her family commitments.

If it weren’t for the support of the Burns Lake community, Janet wouldn’t be where she is today. The level of care that she experiences with others can only be found in smaller towns. “I love the ability to help my clients and friends. Their trust and confidence are much appreciated,” beams the Lakefront Hideaway owner.

What is one of the best-kept secrets of the North? According to Janet, the best place to stop and reflect in the summer months is beautiful Kager Lake within the Boer Mountain Recreation Site. The lake, trails and wildflowers are her go-to for relaxation. During the winter, she and her family spend time at their rustic cabin on Hudson Bay Mountain - spending their days hitting the slopes and recharging.

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