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Proper footcare is beneficial for everyone, but it’s especially critical for those with a diabetic history. Diabetes causes a slew of problems for the feet, many of which requires professional care.

DMC Footcare is a certified medical service offering nursing footcare maintenance, treatment and assessments. With proper attention, patients’ feet see improved health, appearance and comfort, while simultaneously reducing risk of injury and infections.

DMC Footcare handles everything encompassing the foot including nail trimming and filing, scaling back fungus, corns and calluses, treatment of dry and cracked skin, maintenance education, referrals if necessary and more! The caring foot nurse professional uses industry standards to ensure a safe and sanitary process, all while gently absolving your feet from pain and discomfort.

Your feet are a vital part of everyday living. Call DMC Footcare for all of your medical footcare needs.

Meet Diana Cutting

Meet Diana Cutting

Diana Cutting and her husband are relatively new to the Burns Lake area, and within such a short time, they already feel at home in the community. “The people are friendly and want to help others out,” says Diana. “It’s also great as it’s a slower pace of life that allows me to find my balance.” A big push for Diana and her husband was to find a connection to nature again; to be surrounded by wildlife, lakes, trees and all that Northern British Columbia has to offer.

Living in Burns Lake has granted Diana the opportunity for limitless personal growth and ease in professional development. As a way to contribute to the community Diana felt compelled to share her talents and expertise as a foot care specialist. Nursing foot care services aren’t readily available in rural and small towns, though foot problems persist everywhere. Residents in the surrounding area no longer had to travel long distances to a major city centre, they now have access to essential care close to home.

One of Diana’s proudest accomplishments is how she is improving the lives of the people she calls her neighbours and friends. “I love making someone feel better and more comfortable in their own shoes,” says the DMC Footcare owner. “I enjoy being able to provide this service.”

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