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Artist Royden Josephson has been evolving and honing his work for more than 40 years. Royden Josephson works with various mediums with a focus on sculptures, pencil drawings and acrylic paintings. Royden Josephson is fluent in several artistic styles, including abstract work, particularly in his acrylic paintings. He has also done extensive illustration work and a number of commissions over the years. Royden Josephson’s work has been sold at home and abroad and is available for private or corporate purchase online, in BC galleries and venues and directly from the artist himself. Many of his drawings and paintings can be viewed on his Website at “”:

Meet Royden Josephson

Meet Royden Josephson

Royden Josephson first studied art formally at the University of Manitoba School of Art in the late 1960's, followed by a long career in art education. Royden got a deep sense of satisfaction from teaching art to others, but it left him less time to pursue his own artwork. So when he retired from his formal teaching career in 2003, he took up his own artwork full-time. He started by going back to school himself for six months at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design studying drawing, painting and sculpture. Today he produces most every piece from his Ashcroft in-home studio.

Royden doesn't think of his artwork as his "business." Rather it is a passion that he is driven by, though he always feels a sense of accomplishment when someone purchases one of his pieces. In fact, he says, "having work recognized and valued by a knowledgeable community" is his greatest reward as an artist.

According to Royden, Ashcroft is a wonderful place to be an artist. The arts are warmly embraced by the community, and there is a very strong community of artists within the Ashcroft area. The small town life means that there is less time spent driving from place to place and, consequently, more time for pursuing his passion.

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