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Rivertown Auto Detailing knows that you love your car like a baby, and no one else will baby it like you do except them. In fact, Rivertown Auto Detailing’s motto is “Makin’ Your Baby Look Gooood!” Rivertown Auto Detailing attends to every inch of your car, inside and out, and no detail is too small. Rivertown Auto Detailing provides steam-cleaning of your car’s interiors, including stain removal, leather treatments, odor removal, and finishing. On the outside, you get a professional polish, scratch removal, high-quality wax treatment and rock chip touch up. Rivertown Auto Detailing will send your baby home looking brand new again.

Mention you saw Rivertown Auto Detailing on Love Ashcroft and receive a free headlight restoration when you purchase a vehicle detail package.

NOTICE:  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been temporarily forced to shut down.  We are taking names and phone numbers of people who need our services, for when the time comes that is safe for us to reopen. Thank you to all of our loyal customers for your patience!

Meet Terry & Heather Philpott

Meet Terry & Heather Philpott

Terry has fond memories of helping his dad wash and polish the family car. It sparked in Terry a lifelong love for automobiles, and now he is channelling that passion and those early experiences with his dad into a business. Technically, Terry and his wife, Heather are retired, but, says Terry, "retirement wasn't for us! We like to keep busy, and we found our niche." For Terry, that means working on people's cars, sometimes seven days per week. When he's not working on someone's car, he spends his time tinkering around in his garage. For Heather, being busy means baking or painting with oils.

One of the things that makes doing business in a small town like Ashcroft, Terry notes, is the ready access to feedback from customers. The Philpotts know most of their customers, and the ones they don't know usually become friends afterward. "It is so nice to do work for people who know us by our first names," says Terry. "Our best advertising is by word-of-mouth. It is very satisfying to us to meet people that we have done jobs for and to hear their positive feedback."

One of the reasons that both Terry and Heather are so involved in their community is because, simply, they love Ashcroft. "It is such an intimate atmosphere in our small town....people are people and everyone smiles at each other. Not like the city where people see each other but do not respond," Terry says. They are fond of the quiet, friendly atmosphere "where neighbors help neighbors just because they want to." They add that it is a safe environment to raise a family and that Ashcroft's river and landscapes make it the most beautiful place to live in BC.

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