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Coping with a loss and the ensuing grief can be difficult, even debilitating. Certified Grief and Loss Edu-Therapy Specialist Nancy White helps individuals, couples and families move through the losses in their lives with experience, compassion and insight. Nancy White offers “Moving Beyond Grief or Loss,” a ten -class individual or group program. Edu-therapy will provide effective tools for dealing with the conflicting emotions caused by loss and provide an awareness on the human reaction to grief and its effects and what to do about it. Those who have experienced loss and grief will learn to identify and confront their emotions and take control of their lives in a way that is healthy and promotes wholeness. Both one-on-one and group sessions are available.

Meet Nancy White

Meet Nancy White

Nancy White was working in BC's prison system as a First Nations liason when she began to realize that many inmates were dealing with extreme grief in their lives. She was moved by the many personal stories of loss she would hear, and it made her see that there was a profound need for helping people to find practical skills for coping with grief and loss. So she pursued training in the area of loss and grief and began offering workshops for women inmates. The program was so well-received that she was soon asked to work with the men too, and it wasn't long before the positive impact of the program was being felt within the prison system. Nancy has heard numerous success stories about former clients who went through the program. Many are now celebrating ongoing sobriety and freedom from other unhealthy addictions, such as food, because they have learned to deal with the grief that was beneath the addiction.

Nancy was from Surrey but would often conduct workshops in the Thompson Valley region. She was attracted to the area and it's unique landscape and relaxed pace of life. It was on one of these trips that she found a home for sale in Ashcroft and decided to purchase it. That was a few years ago, and she has adjusted nicely to life here and particularly appreciates the people. "People here recognize you and lots know you by name. You only have to go into a business a couple of times and people get to know who you are," she says.

Nancy is technically retired from working in the prison system, but she couldn't stop working altogether. Offering her workshops as a private business allows her the flexibility to choose when and where she works. It also allows her to continue doing a job that she loves. "People tell me all the time how much this program has meant to them," she says. It makes her work incredibly satisfying when someone she works with is able to recognize the negative impact that loss and grief have had on their lives and subsequently turn their lives around and make positive choices.

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