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The Beans Roasted Rite Coffee Company traces every single coffee bean it roasts from seed to cup. Knowing its growers and how its beans were produced ensures that coffee connoisseurs get a consistently delicious cup of artisan coffee every single time. The Beans Roasted Rite Coffee Company provides a wholesale private label, exclusive-blend coffee to stores, restaurants, and B&B’s across BC crafted from beans expertly roasted by professionals who know how to bring out the complexities of each coffee bean.

New private label customers can mention that you saw us on Love Ashcroft and receive your first 5 pounds of coffee free with a minimum 20 pound order plus half price shipping.

Meet David & Alice Durksen

Meet David & Alice Durksen

One of the things that attracted David and Alice Durksen to the Beans Roasted Rite Coffee Company was knowing that the beans were being grown and harvested humanely and with respect to the workers producing them. "I can see the quality of life that our coffee gives to people," says David Durksen. The Durksens also have a passion for their town, and buying the business in 2008 was their effort to keep the business local and, ultimately, help to attract more businesses and industries to Ashcroft. "If people have to drive to other towns to get basic items they will locate in other areas," David states.

David and Alice agree that Ashcroft has a lot to offer both the people who call it home as well as to investors and business owners. There are numerous groups in operation, according to David, who do an amazing job of making Ashcroft a quality place to live and who strive to continue improving it, like Communities in Bloom, the rodeo parade, the Wellness Fair and the Ashcroft Fall Fair.

The Durksens have learned a lot about coffee since taking over the company in 2008. Their private label blends are served and sold all over BC, in places like Safety Mart, UniTea and the Blue Sage B&B. They take great pride in their product and are grateful to be able to contribute to Ashcroft's economy. They feel tremendously supported by their fellow residents and make it a point to return the favour by doing as much of their shopping as possible right here in town.

508 Brink St
Ashcroft, BC V0K 1A0


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