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The Ashcroft Barber Shop offers modern services with the charm and nostalgia of the old-fashioned barber shop, a place where friends meet to exchange the latest gossip, and where it’s as much about the socializing as it is about the hair cut. Ashcroft Barber Shop offers both men’s and ladies hair cuts, and you’re invited to sit back and let the talented stylists work their magic. While you relax, you’ll enjoy the cozy atmosphere and the antique décor, complete with photos of Ashcroft’s early years, and be reminded that, while many things have changed, good old-fashioned service is part of Ashcroft’s heritage.

Meet Lene Madeiros

Meet Lene Madeiros

When you're a professional hair stylist, your job isn't limited to hair. You also learn to develop great listening skills, and this is one of Lene Madeiros' favourite parts of her job: listening to her customers tell their stories and talk about their lives. In a small town like Ashcroft, "you really get to know the people that come in for haircuts," Lene says. And when it comes to her youngest customers, "you get to watch the children grow up." It's a satisfying feeling for Lene and part of what makes her job so enjoyable. Always one to grasp opportunity and forge her own way, Lene has always worked for herself. For her, there is something deeply fulfilling about creating a business from the ground up, "something thing that is a part of you that you can be proud of , that works," she says. She's proud of her quaint shop and adds that it is her customers that have helped her to get it to the place it is today.

The natural camaraderie in Ashcroft lends itself well to fostering successful businesses. Lene has always felt strongly supported in her business by the people who live here. "There is a feeling of community that you don't get in a large city," she says and notes that people are also eager to help each other out in times of crisis and emergencies. In fact, Lene says, she would recommend opening a business in a small town over a big city any day.

Lene prefers rivers and mountains over skyscrapers and parking lots, so Ashcroft is the ideal place for her to live and work. She believes that Ashcroft is one of BC's best-kept secrets. "The Thompson River is the lifeblood of our town," she says, noting that it has an interesting history that people outside of the area rarely hear about. Plus, she notes, the weather is amazing and there is so much to do outdoors, like hiking, which is one of Lene's favourite things to do.

203 B Railway Ave
Ashcroft, BC VOK 1A0


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9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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