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Traditional Thai food is known as medicinal food for good reason. Fresh ingredients, paired with spices and vegetables allows for a therapeutic connection between the food and the consumer. Owners Wanta and Terren at Sunyam Thai believe that food should not only be healthy but also delightful to the taste buds.

For nearly three decades, Sunyam Thai Restaurant has been committed to ensuring the fullest flavour and freshness in your favourite dishes. Their food is made fresh to order and they are proud to provide customers with tantalizing lunch and dinner menu options that utilize the full spectrum of wonderful flavours Thai food is famous for.

Be sure to make your reservation and enjoy the amazing variety of delicious Thai specialities that Sunyam Thai Restaurant prepares.

Meet Wanta Robertson

Meet Wanta Robertson

It took Wanta Robertson some extra time to move to 100 Mile House. She and her husband, Terren had operated their business in the rural area around 100 Mile House for a few years prior to setting up shop within city limits. After patiently waiting for their opportunity to move into town, they are ecstatic to be there.

Wanta loves cooking and enjoys the independence that comes along with being an entrepreneur. “We love the building and we love the people that keep coming back,” Wanta says. “We are welcoming more and more customers each and every day.”

Not too long ago, the business owner was operating her business in Harrison Hot Springs but moved to 100 Mile House to get away from the crowds and the rushed lifestyle. 100 Mile House is peaceful and calm in comparison and Wanta enjoys the winter season in her new community.

Although fairly new to the 100 Mile House, Wanta is excited and positive about her future as a small business owner. She has only been open in town a short while but is grateful that her community is beginning to discover Sunyam Thai Restaurant. Wanta is also very happy to welcome her old customers back again.

3 869 Alder Ave
100 Mile House, BC V0K 2E0


Thursday to Monday
11:30 am - 8:00 pm

Reservations are recommended