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Hops and Vines U-Brew has been a part of the 100 Mile House community since 1990. Its newest owner, Judy Scarrow, took over the business in 2011 and is proud to continue helping local residents brew their own wine, beer, coolers and ciders.

Judy has had four decades of business ownership experience as well as a keen interest in u-brew. It was a combination that would drive her to purchase the established business, noting that “there is no better way to experience it than owning it!” After two years in business Judy has helped hundreds of locals learn about the art of wine and beer-making and, hopefully, have fun while doing it.

Meet Judy Scarrow

Meet Judy Scarrow

Owner Judy Scarrow works hard to ensure that all of the ingredients that go into the wines, beers, ciders and coolers produced on site are of the highest quality. Whether you brew in-store or at home, only excellent ingredients produce a truly tasteful finished product.

Judy subscribes to the idea that communities, particularly isolated northern ones, like 100 Mile House, should strive for self-sufficiency. The support of local residents, she states, will help to ensure that new business comes, old business stays, and ultimately the town will have everything that its residents need. She is grateful for her customers at Hops and Vines U-Brew, noting that she has been very well-received since taking over the business.

Judy is excited and hopeful for the future of business and life in 100 Mile House, thanks to all of its wonderful businesses, services, natural and human resources. Judy is an avid golfer and gets out on the local courses as often as she's able. She also appreciates the abundance of nature that surrounds 100 Mile House and likes to fish and camp in the summer time.

8 - 530 Horse Lake Rd
100 Mile House, BC V0K 2E3 ‎


Monday to Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm