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Lather without chemicals and notice the difference natural makes. Enscented Nature Soaps and Cosmetics is a 100 Mile House based business specializing in the production of healthy soaps and cosmetics made free from chemicals. Committed to the preservation of the environment, they follow strict production guidelines and 95% of their products vegetal ingredients are certified organic.

They offer a wide assortment of bath and body products including natural soaps, shampoos, creams, oils, scrubs, lip balms, deodorant bath salts and melters, whipped butter and liniments. Cosmetics will soon becoming available.

Take care of your face and body with natures finest ingredients and start your detox from all those traditional chemical based products today.

Meet Tristan & Jennifer Feissli

Meet Tristan & Jennifer Feissli

Having always been environmentally concerned, the Swiss husband and wife duo of Tristan and Jennifer Feissli were looking for opportunities to create a business around well-made natural products.

After Jennifer obtained her Swiss certification of natural handmade soaps, the two made the bold move from Switzerland to Canada. “We believe that offering healthier daily products is a need. When Jennifer did her certification of homemade soaps and cosmetics according to the traditional techniques and learned how it was possible with this kind of products to improve people's health, it was obvious we wanted to share this,” explains Tristan.

“We've grown up in Switzerland and have been living in small towns for many years," says Tristan. “We love small communities, getting to learn about people and getting involved in the community as well. It's closer to nature and our values. You get to know the clients and it's more ecological to buy locally."

Jennifer and Tristan enjoy spending their free time playing with their children. The family is especially fond of the work of Joanne Young, a fellow business owner who paints displays on local shops. “Creating Joy in Art brings so much life and love to this town. We love it and our kids do too,” says Tristan.

“We fell in love with this area when we came to visit Jennifer's aunt last summer. What we love most about it is the town spirit; we can feel how everyone is getting involved in this community. We want to be part of it and we think that our business is a good start. We are proud to put all our skills into creating products that meet our commitments and to offer them to customers that are sharing our values.

PO Box 854
100 Mile House, BC V0K 2E0


Please contact Tristan and Jennifer for more information or to place your order.