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Garlic makes every meal taste better! No other farm does it quite like Bradley Creek Garlic Farms. As your local garlic grower, Bradley Creek produces several varieties of naturally grown garlic, straight from Mother Nature to you. With no chemicals or pesticides, you can be confident that you and your family are consuming nutritious and tasty garlic as it was intended to be.

Bradley Creek Garlic Farms showcases fresh harvests alongside a slew of deliciously aromatic garlic products. From fresh and dehydrated scapes, to smoked garlic and garlic salts, your meal prep has never been easier!

However you slice it, fresh, homegrown garlic from a local harvest just can’t be beat. Bradley Creek Garlic Farms is your top source for all things garlic. Give them a call today!

Meet Anita & Graham Coombe

Meet Anita & Graham Coombe

For Anita and Graham Coombe, their journey began with an earnest love for garlic. The early years kicked off with just enough bulbs to sustain their own kitchen pantry. Fast forward to just over a decade later, and the Coombes have become a full-fledged garlic farm producing thousands of bulbs every year.

Working the farmstead isn’t for everyone, but Anita and Graham wouldn’t trade it for anything. They love the hard, honest work over the harvesting and selling seasons, bringing a sense of great satisfaction of a successful harvest. With today’s online marketing focus, Anita and Graham are thankful their remote business lends itself well to sales abroad- there’s no need to have a highly-populated demographic for many small businesses these days.

For the married garlic farmer duo, eating quality food is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Here’s their advice for spotting quality Canadian garlic apart from imported (and much less nutritious) versions: “Canadian Garlic has roots! If you want to be sure you are buying more "local" garlic, look for short roots at the base of the bulb. The base of the [imported] garlic bulb is shaved clean of roots.”

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